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    The forklift is an integral part of any warehouse environment. In the past, it was basically an all-purpose instrument that had to perform many types of loading, unloading, transportation and stacking tasks. The size and weight capabilities of yesterday's forklifts weren't always adequate to the needs of the warehouses that used them, but the workers in the warehouses had to make due. Speed, efficiency and safety were not primary concerns.

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    However, today's business environment is much different. Modern business demands high efficiency in everything that's done, and safety is essential. Warehouses today are smaller than in the past, but may actually handle more materials on any given day than their ancestors of even a decade or two ago. As a result, warehouse owners and workers have demanded and received a wide variety of forklifts that are used to perform dozens of unique and specialized jobs.

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    Forklifts for Every Purpose

    For example, walkie forklifts are pushed or ridden on, which makes them more compact and able to maneuver in tight spaces very well. Walkies work well in all warehouses and are ideal for warehouses with limited space and tightly packed shelves. Stackers offer many of the benefits that walkies do and allow greater lift heights which makes stackers a highly efficient addition to many warehouses and businesses. Today's forklifts are highly individualized to the warehouses and business in which they operate.

    Because forklifts work hard on an almost constant basis, they tend to have ongoing maintenance needs requiring replacement parts on an ongoing basis. Brauer Material Handling Systems, Inc. has one of the largest selections of forklift parts available, and can fit nearly any brand or model of machine.